Kings Harvest No Kill Animal Shelter
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A non-profit organization. 501(c)(3)
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Volunteer Information

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Every Week Other
Mornings Afternoons Week days Weekends Varies
Dogs only Cats only Both Dogs and Cats

I am interested in doing:

(please check all that apply)

Petting cats
Taking cats to Vet
Grooming cats
Cleaning litter boxes
Walking dogs
Taking dogs to Vet
Grooming dogs
Laundry at shelter
Shopping for supplies
Fostering pets
Trapping feral cats
Pet food giveaway
Answering phones
Medications to cats/dogs
General cleaning
Handyman repairs
Snow removal
Lawn mowing
Special events/fundraisiers
Anything! Just ask!

I have experience in:

(please check all that apply)

Public Relations
Public Speaking
Web Design
Graphic Design
Computer Skills
Grant Writing
Handy Person
Dog Trainer
Vet Tech
Pet Groomer


I agree to conform to King's Harvest Pet Rescue policies and procedures. I also agree to participate in training as is required by my assignment. I understand that my failure to follow King's Harvest Pet Rescue's policies and procedures may result in the termination of my service from King's Harvest Pet Rescue's Volunteer Program.

As a volunteer or the parent/legal guardian of a minor working in the capacity of a volunteer at King's Harvest Pet Rescue, I do hereby release from any liability or responsibility concerning an injury, illness or death caused by any animal or event connected to the King's Harvest Pet Rescue in any way, weather it would be on King's Harvest Pet Rescue's property or elsewhere.

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